Key Features:

Multi-coated glass – 8 layer anti-reflection coating reduces surface reflections
Optical characteristics – reflection rate less than 0.8%
Ultra-thin frame design – thin filter frame design eliminates vignetting concerns – Aluminum frame total thickness 5.4mm
Satin filter frame finish – matte coating minimizes reflections
Lightweight approx. 11g (58mm)
Eco-friendly made of lead free materials.
New Packaging Design – Slim design for optimal storage.
Lens Cap and Hood acceptable–lens cap and hood can be attached to filter.

Made in Japan

Marumi - Fit + Slim MC Lens Protect 43mm

ID proizvoda #3498 (Marumi)

This new series of filters from Marumi helps to protect your lens from dust and scratches. These ultra slim filters are lightweight and approx. 11g in weight. They are supplied in smart packaging made from eco-friendly lead free materials.