Oznaka: VE1228C
Podržani bajonet: Canon EF
Žarišna duljina: 12mm
Maks. otvor blende: 2,8
Min. otvor blende: 22
Podržani format senzora: 35mm puni format senzora
Kut gledanja: 121.96°
Najbliža udaljenost fokusiranja: 18cm
Maksimalno povećanje: 0,2x
Maksimalan omjer povećanja: 1:5
Konstrukcija (elementi/skupine): 16/10
Broj listića blende: 7,
Optički stabilizator: Ne
Autofokus: Ne
Nosač objektiva za stativ: Ne
Dimenzije: 102.0mm x 131.5mm
Težina: 609g
Promjer filtera: -- mm
Garancija: 24 mj

Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D Lens / Canon

ID proizvoda #3446 (Laowa)

Featuring a widest angle of view (122°) ever built with a f/2.8 lens, this is an ideal lens for a variety types of photography. From landscape, architecture, interior, travel to the most important, astro photography. The lens is also the lightest and the most compact of its class and is good for everyday shooting. It also features a close-to-zero optical distortion, allowing photographers to take landscape/architecture shots with straight lines retained. A water and dust repelling ‘Frog Eye Coating’ is added at the front element of the lens. Users can use CPL / ND filters by adding a optional Laowa 100mm filter holder system.