Savage Translum is a versatile and unique, semi translucent platic material designed for transforming light and creating stunning visual effects in your studio. Ideal for backgrounds, silhouettes and diffusion.

Translums specialized effect is that of frosted glass (props on the other side can be seen as shapes). Great for high key & silhouette effects.

Savage Trans-Lum is made from a sturdy plastic, Translum Heavyweight 0,75 stop is only available in 150cm x 5.5m rolls.

Trans-Lum can be easily cut with scissors and used as a background, prop set-up, light table or for other special effects.

Translum Light translucent difuzna pozadina 150cm x 5,5m

ID proizvoda #3384 (Savage)

Sturdy, durable plastic. Specialized effect of frosted glass. F-stop/ light loss: 0,75

Add the soft glow of frosted glass to images with Savages Translum™ Backdrop. Made from sturdy plastic, this versatile backdrop can be used as a light table, prop setup, or background. Props on the other side of the backdrop are seen as shapes. Easily cut with scissors, our Translum™ Backdrop is also ideal for cutting silhouettes. Now offered in three grades for a range of diffusion options.

Our original, heavy grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where diffusing light over a large area is desired. This grade is an ideal and cleanable surface for shooting tables and table tops.

Item code: 36018