The Marumi 72 - 77mm Step-Up Ring allows users to attach a 77mm lens accessory (such as hoods, flashes and lens converters) or filter to a lens with a 72mm filter mount size. The adapter ring is made of metal and is a mere 6mm thick.

The Step-Up Ring is a reliable and economical way to use filters. Using this ring saves you money since you wont have to buy the same filter two times for two different sized lenses. For example, a 49-52mm Step-Up Ring would allow you to use 52mm filters on lenses with a 49mm front filter thread size. A series of these reasonably priced adapter rings is far less expensive than buying the same filter in two sizes.

Key Features

Small, efficient way to save space and money at the same time.
Brass construction helps eliminate any possibility of jamming or becoming stuck on the lens.
Allows user to buy fewer filters but continue to shoot the images they want.

72-77mm step-up Marumi

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