Oznaka: LL LA2430
Garancija: 24 mj

Weight 1030 g
Will Fit Small and Medium Trigrips Only

Lastolite Trigrip Bracket - držač

ID proizvoda #3356 (Lastolite)

držač bljeskalice za Trigrip reflektor plohu.

The TriGrip bracket is ideal for photographers who work alone and want to support the TriGrip reflector on a handle, lighting stand, tripod or any other type of fixing bracket. Simply place the moulded TriGrip handle into the bracket and secure it in place with the strap. The ball joint connector enables you to then position the TriGrip exactly where you want leaving your hands free to operate the camera.

The bracket can be used to support the TriGrip when working with ambient light or in conjunction with battery operated flash using the flash gun attachment arm to bounce light off the reflectors surface or shoot through a diffusing panel.