Oznaka: LL LR3696
Garancija: 24 mj.

Kits contain:
1x TriGrip 2 Stop diffuser
2x Double sided, reversible TriFlip covers:
- Silver/Soft Silver, Sunlite/Sunfire
- Gold/Black, White/Black

Weight 730 g
Comes With Fabric Bag Yes
In Bag - Depth 7 cm
In Bag - Height 36 cm
Open Size (Fabric from handle to opposite side) 75 cm
Shape Triangular
Surface multiple (kit)
Weight - In Bag 0.95 kg
Weight - Out Of Bag 0.73 kg
In Bag - Width 36 cm

Lastolite Triflip 8:1 set 75cm - reflektor ploha

ID proizvoda #3353 (Lastolite)

2 Stop Diffuser + 2 Triflip Covers

Aptly known as TriFlips, the new reflector kit offers photographers an unprecedented 8 in 1 solution, allowing them to be ready for any lighting scenario. With reversible sleeves that feature a different reflective surface on each side TriFlips take advantage of the award winning TriGrip reflector.

All this allows the photographer to cut down on bulk. When combined the TriFlips and TriGrip, allow the photographer to carry just one reflector instead of 8. TriFlips quickly slip over a TriGrip and are ready for use.

The TriFlip cover can be left on the Tri Grip when folding for added convenience. The TriFlips bring an added level of versatility to its award-winning Tri Grip reflectors, and include 7 different surfaces.