Oznaka: CP-D90DW
Broj ispisnih ladica: 1
Vrsta ispisa: Dye Sublimation thermal transfer
Dubina boje: 256 (8 Bit) svaka boja
Rezolucija ispisa: 300 DPI
Završna obrada: glossy/matt
Formati ispisa: od 8,9x12,7cm, 10x15cm, 15x15cm, 15x20cm
Sučelje: Hi-Speed USB Ver.2.0
Memorija: 128MB – Moguć prijenos podataka tijekom ispisa
Dimenzije: 275x365x237 mm
Težina: 14kg
Napajanje:220-240V, 50/60Hz
Potrošnja energije: 5.5A (220-240V, 50/60Hz)

- CK-D746/CK715: 2 dvije role + ribon za
2 x 400 ispisa, format 10 x 15

- CK-D757/CK-D718: 2 dvije role + ribon za
2x 230 ispisa, format 13x18cm

- CK-D768/CK-D720: 2 dvije role + ribon za
2x 200 ispisa, format 15x20cm

- CK-D769/CK-D723: 2 dvije role + ribon za
2x 180 ispisa, format 15x23cm

- CK-D868/CK-D820: 2 dvije role + ribon /u kutiji
2 x 860 ispisa, format 5 x 15
2 x 430 ispisa, format 10 x 15
2 x 215 ispisa, format 15 x 15
2 x 215 ispisa, format 15 x 20

Mitsubishi sublimacijski pisač CP-D90DW

ID proizvoda #3317 (Mitsubishi)

The CP-D90DW is a compact dye sublimation printer that with its small footprint design requires minimal installation space. Both glossy and matte finishes are available and the newly developed image processing method allows for the reproduction of excellent true to life prints. Additionally, CP-D90DW integrates the two main market trends of dye sublimations printers in the same printer:

Thanks to its rewind system the users can now produce two different print sizes from just one media without any wastage! No need to change the media to print 4x6 or 6x8.
Dedicated media allows to get the fastest printing speed, including a new air-cooling mechanism which provides one of the best printing throughputs of the market.