Included: Hotshoe HC-513, Manual

Suitable for: Camera flashes, Cameras, Not Suitable for HSS Photography
For camera brand: Sony, Sony NEX
Suitable for camera model: Sony Alpha, NEX, RX
Suitable for TTL: TTL

Travor TTL Hotshoe Adapter HC-513 for Sony Alpha

ID proizvoda #3297

The Travor HC-513 TTL Hotshoe Adapter allows you to connect an old Sony Speedlite model with a new Sony camera, while maintaining the TTL signal. Additionally, the HC-513 makes it possible to connect a sync cable, enabling the option to connect studio flash units to your camera.

The HC-513 TTL Hotshoe Adapter is suitable for the following cameras:

Sony: A7, A7R, A7S, A6000, NEX-6, A99, A58, RX1, RX1R, RX10, RX100M2