Remote control with standard pan bar for Sony PMW EX-family cameras.
REC/STOP push button
Zoom direction switch
Multi-speed Zoom knob
Max-speed zoom potentiometer
RET push button (plays back latest 5s)
REC indicator LED
Fast zoom push buttons

Weight 380 g
Camera Compatibility Ref. CamCorder Compatibility Chart V06_15
Certifications CE ; FCC
Top Attachment Ø23 mm stud
Color Black
Easy Link No
Material Technopolymer
Maximum Working Temperature 60 C
Minimum Working Temperature -10 C

Manfrotto MVR901EPEX Pan Bar remote for SONY EX cameras

ID proizvoda #3277 (Manfrotto)

Compatible with Sony PMW EX-family cameras
Solid and sturdy product to replace the std panbar
Multi speed zoom control