Oznaka: 31.051.XX
- flash energy: 2400 J
- f-stop: 45 1/10 (with Litos reflector), 64 8/10 (with P70 reflector)
- flash duration up to 1/2750s (t0.5), 1/890s (t 0.1)
- charging time: 0.4 – 2,8s
- control range over 6.5 f-stops in 1/10 f-stop intervals

Broncolor Generator Senso 2400 RFS 2.1

ID proizvoda #3034 (Broncolor)

Senso delivers genuine studio performance for the price of a compact system. Newcomers
can expect total power for a modest investment. Seasoned professionals will appreciate
the extra lighting capability that is fully compatible with the existing broncolor product line.
Dependable, lightweight, affordable – Senso power packs are designed for photographers
who are often on the road.