Oznaka: OR-20
Unutarnja: D36x Š28x V18cm
Vanjska: D43x Š32x V28cm
Težina: 3,19kg

Sony: HXR-NX30, HMC-50, HXR-NX70,NEX-VG30,NEXVG900,PXW-X70,
Canon: EOS 1DC, XC-10

Orca Video Backpack -1 (OR-20)

ID proizvoda #2911 (ORCA)

Orca Video/Camera Backpack OR-20 za:
Sony: HXR-NX30,HMC-50,HXR-NX70,A7S BlackMagic: 4k i ostale kamere sličnih veličina

There’s nothing like a comfortable and expertly designed backpack to carry around heavy gear on location.The Orca Backpack offers ultimate protection for delicate gear and accessories, with an external aluminum frame and layers of foam and EVA.