The Africa NG A8220 Medium Tote Bag allows you to be stylish while packing for a day trip, keeping your small DSLR and one small lens or small camcorder neatly placed inside.

Camera Fit: DSLR
Camera Insert Height: 16.5 cm
Camera Insert Length: 17.5 cm
Camera Insert Width: 11 cm
External Height(H): 42 cm
External Length(L): 35 cm
External Width(W): 9 mm
Internal main compartment height(H): 41 cm
Internal main compartment length(L): 34.5 cm
Internal main compartment width(W): 8.5 cm
weight: 0.68 kg

National Geographic A2200 (M) tote bag

ID proizvoda #1543 (National Geographic)

AFRICA tote bag
Oznaka: NGA8220
Garancija: 24 mj.