The Backpack and Sling Bag will protect your point-and-shoot or compact system camera, with small accessories. This bag is very comfortable for everyday use: can be worn either as a backpack or a sling bag depending on the occasion and preference.

Camera Fit: Mirrorless
Camera Insert Height: 13 cm
Camera Insert Length: 8.5 cm
Camera Insert Width: 5 cm
External Height(H): 39 cm
External Length(L): 21.5 cm
External Width(W): 8 cm
Internal main compartment height(H): 35.5 cm
Internal main compartment length(L): 20.5 cm
Internal main compartment width(W): 7 cm
Laptop Fit: Tablet
weight: 0.8 kg

National Geographic A4569; Backpack and Sling Bag

ID proizvoda #1184 (National Geographic)

AFRICA ruksak/sling bag
Oznaka: A4569
Garancija: 24 mj.

for point-and-shoot cameras