Oznaka: NG A5280
Kolekcija/Serija: Africa
Tip torbe: ruksak
Boja: Crna
Materijal: Sintetički materijal
Namjena: DSLR, Mirrorless (CSC)
Broj objektiva: 2, 1
Držač za stativ: Da
Pretinac za priv.stvari: Da
Vanj. visina: 38 cm
Vanj. širina: 24 cm
Vanj. dubina: 13 cm
Unut. visina: 36 cm
Unut. širina: 22 cm
Unut. dubina: 11 cm
Foto pretinac visina: 20 cm
Foto pretinac širina: 22 cm
Foto pretinac dubina: 11 cm
Laptop pretinac: da, 12"
Težina: 1290 g
Garancija: 24 mj.

National Geographic AFRICA A5280 (S) ruksak

ID proizvoda #1183 (National Geographic)

Ruksak iz AFRICA kolekcije namjenjen DSLR i CSC fotoaparatima
CSC (compact system camera=mirrorles)

The Small Backpack will carry all your essentials in the upper part thanks to a removable and hidden pocket that divides the bag in two. Your photographic or video equipment, such as DSLR, additional lenses and accessories, will be safely protected in a dedicated compartment, easily accessible via the front pocket. You can also find room for your tripod and laptop. Moreover, you will find a lot of hidden pockets both outside and inside your bag.